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Newsletter 04.02.19

Newsletter 04.02.19


Last week we heard how Jesus was preaching in the Temple and how he had been sent by God to bring good news to people who are poor. The people were amazed with all that he said to them. Jesus was preaching in his home town. This was the place where he had grown up and many of the people knew him. They knew that he was the son of Joseph the carpenter.

They found it difficult to believe what he was saying because they knew him to be an ordinary carpenter’s son.

Sometimes when we know someone very well, we see their good points and their bad points. Because we know them so well we think of them as ordinary and we no longer see how special they are.

Sometimes the person themselves don’t even realise they are doing anything special. They think they are just being quite ordinary.

But all people, no matter how ordinary they seem, are special. And they are all capable of doing special things.

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