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A warm welcome back to what is now the Summer Term. This is a five week half term followed by another five ‘and a bit’ week half term after Spring Bank but as you can see from the events calendar it will be extremely busy but exciting term ahead.

The followers of Jesus were desolate and without hope when they saw their beloved Lord die on the cross but when they met the risen Lord everything changed and their lives were transformed. Jesus proved that he has power even over death itself. We know that after we die we will rise again into everlasting life and live forever with God in heaven. We can meet the same ‘Risen Lord’ in our lives today ~ God’s Holy Spirit that he has sent to be our helper and friend. Our lives can be likewise transformed by the power of opening up our hearts to God’s call.
The call of the Christian is not complicated after all, the fishermen were simple people. We are called simply to love God with all our hearts and to lead a good life by helping and serving others. Jesus himself left us a prime example of why we should serve others by washing the feet of his disciples.

The world in which we live may be increasingly ‘secular’ and in many respects it is not fashionable to be a Christian. But that is all the more reason why we should stand up for the values that we believe in and thereby a light to those around us!


25th Apr 2017

A warm welcome back to what is now the Summer Term. This is a five week half term followed by anoth...


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