SEND Information Report

Special Educational Needs Report to Governors 2017-18

All children on our SEND register will have a SEN Provision Plan written with the child’s parents and for those children who it is applicable they will have an individual behaviour plan. The contents of a SEN Provision Plan are shared with parents and reviewed termly. We have 5 children with an EHCP or Statement and the remaining 32 are all SEN Support; the areas of need are:

• Communication and interaction which includes speech, language and communication needs and the autistic spectrum disorder.

• Cognition and learning which includes moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties and specific learning difficulties.

• Social, emotional and mental health difficulties which includes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, attachment disorder, self-esteem issues, friendship difficulties, anxiety and depression.

• Sensory and/or physical needs which includes visual impairment, hearing impairment, multi-sensory impairment and physical difficulties.

Mrs Burgess is responsible for the role of SENDco across the school and is supported brilliantly by Mrs Doherty with the administration tasks. We have one child who has just received one-to-one support in the afternoons to meet their needs. Another child is having significant difficulties in class and requires a high level of support for his behaviour, social and emotional needs. External agencies are involved and have carried out assessments. This term has proved particularly difficult in staffing arrangements and we are urgently seeking Team Teach training for appropriate restraint methods. 

SEN Priorities 2017-2018

• Since September, Linda Burgess has begun studying for the NASENCo Award at Sunderland University. This will provide her with a comprehensive knowledge of all responsibilities of a SENDco and give her a greater understanding of the range of special needs and of the strategies to help identification and support of these.

• Linda will also embark upon action research to assess the needs of a child with possible attachment issues with the aim of improving his engagement.

• To develop a strategic vision and commitment to influence and work with others on delivery of inclusive education.

• To analyse the intervention choices offered in school and evaluate the outcomes of one intervention in detail.

• To enhance the collaborative leadership and staff management skills, by fostering an understanding of the key roles and relationships that SENCOs have with multiple stakeholders.

• To develop the focus on the essential nature of interpersonal relationships for the effective planning and delivery of interventions. 


Special Educational Needs 2017-18

Year GroupNumber of children in Year Group
Number of children on SEN register 
Percentage SEN in year group 
Lower Foundation Stage
28 AM
Upper Foundation Stage
Y3 3013%

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